Challenges to globalization have rebalanced the roles of government and the private sector, complicating the traditional risk-reward paradigm, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

To meet the challenge, FDI provides customized support to manage political and regulatory risk in Washington, DC, assess public sector business opportunities and dynamically leverage government resources to create profitability for companies in the international marketplace.

Issue Management/Risk Mitigation

The scale and scope of government activity has fundamentally changed the path to profitability for private enterprise. Increasing regulatory oversight has made pro-active, situational awareness of government action an integral component of business success.

To meet this challenge, FDI serves as an on-the-ground client presence in Washington, DC, providing tailored, action-specific services to more effectively mitigate public sector regulatory risk, while implementing advocacy strategies to resolve public policy exposure and champion public policy reform.

Public Sector Market Development/Business Development

The US government is the world’s largest buyer of products and services. Purchases by military and civilian agencies amount to billions a year and include everything from missiles to office supplies.

FDI helps clients to identify and position for market opportunities in the federal procurement space. This unique process integrates traditional client sales activities with a dynamic public affairs/government relations construct, which leverages and harmonizes the client’s product or service offering for the government market.

FDI also offers a “Partner-Matching” service, which identifies potential sub-contract opportunities, and B2B connections to expand market share.

Global Business Opportunities

Global integration has placed the international market within reach of even the smallest US businesses, creating the conditions for compelling wealth-creation opportunities. Last year, US companies exported more than $1.8 trillion in goods and services, representing only a fraction of the potential opportunity for US businesses overseas.

The ability for businesses to access this open market is significantly enhanced by US government programs that define, promote, finance and insure exports and investment around the world. These programs – coupled with the presence of embassies, international development institutions, private equity firms, business associations and multi-national corporations – make Washington, DC a resource-rich and cost-effective venue to identify, assess and execute international deals.

Working closely with the client’s team, FDI provides integrated, “turn-key” assistance to identify lucrative markets, channels, and above all customers – fostering tangible strategies to complement corporate growth plans through the trade promotion infrastructure of the US government – to meet and exceed profitability goals.